Fishing Crimp Sleeves

500pcs Stainless steel Double Brass Fishing Crimp Sleeves Copper Tube Wire Leader Sleeve




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Product Description

Stainless steel Double Brass Fishing Crimp Sleeves Copper Tube Wire Leader Sleeve

A Fishing Crimp Sleeve, also known as a crimping sleeve or crimp connector, is a small metallic tube used in fishing tackle to create secure connections between fishing lines and leaders. It is typically made from materials like brass or stainless steel to provide strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.

The Fishing Crimp Sleeve is designed to be placed over the ends of fishing line or leader material. Its purpose is to hold the line or leader securely in place and prevent slippage or breakage at the connection point. By crimping or compressing the sleeve using specialized crimping tools or pliers, anglers can create a tight and reliable connection.

To use a Fishing Crimp Sleeve, the angler typically inserts the line or leader through the sleeve, forming a loop or connection point. The desired length of the loop is determined based on the specific fishing rig and technique being employed. Once the line or leader is inserted through the sleeve, the angler uses a crimping tool to compress the sleeve, applying pressure evenly to create a secure connection.

The compressed Fishing Crimp Sleeve forms a tight bond around the line or leader, preventing slippage and ensuring that the connection remains intact during casting, retrieving, and battling fish. This is especially crucial when targeting larger or more powerful fish species that can exert significant force on the fishing line.

Fishing Crimp Sleeves come in various sizes to accommodate different line diameters and strengths. It is important to select the appropriate size that matches the fishing line or leader being used to ensure a proper fit and optimal strength.

Anglers often use Fishing Crimp Sleeves when constructing rigs for saltwater fishing, big game fishing, or when using heavy-duty lines. They are commonly used in applications such as making wire leaders, attaching hooks or swivels, or connecting monofilament or fluorocarbon leaders to the mainline.

In summary, a Fishing Crimp Sleeve is a small metallic tube used in fishing to create secure connections between fishing lines and leaders. By crimping the sleeve onto the line or leader, anglers can ensure a tight and reliable connection, minimizing the risk of slippage or breakage. Fishing Crimp Sleeves are essential components for constructing reliable and strong fishing rigs, particularly in situations where strength and durability are paramount.


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