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Product Description

A jig head is a type of fishing lure used in both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It typically consists of a hook molded into a weighted head made of lead or other dense materials. The weighted head gives the lure a natural sinking motion that mimics a wounded or dying baitfish, making it an effective way to attract predatory fish.

Jig heads come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each designed for specific fishing techniques and target species. Some common shapes include round, bullet, and football heads. Round heads are versatile and can be used for a variety of fishing techniques, while bullet and football heads are designed to provide a more natural movement when fishing along the bottom.

Jig heads can be paired with a variety of soft plastic baits, such as grubs, worms, and minnows, which are threaded onto the hook. This allows anglers to customize the lure to match the natural prey of their target fish species. Some jig heads also feature a spinner blade or weed guard to provide additional attraction or prevent snagging on underwater obstacles.

Overall, jig heads are a popular and versatile fishing lure used by anglers of all skill levels. They offer a realistic and customizable presentation that can be tailored to the preferences of different fish species and fishing conditions.


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