Luminous Fishing Float Lightstick 1 box

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Product Description

A luminous fishing float lightstick is a small, plastic tube that emits a bright and long-lasting light. These devices are commonly used by anglers to help them track the location of their fishing line when fishing in low light conditions or at night. The lightstick is attached to the fishing line by sliding it through a hole in the center of the float and then securing it in place with a small rubber stopper.

The lightstick is activated by bending the plastic tube until it snaps and produces a chemical reaction that results in the emission of light. The color of the light can vary, but it is usually a bright green, yellow, or orange color that is easy to see even in murky water.

Luminous fishing float lightsticks come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the type of fishing being done. Some are designed to be used in freshwater, while others are suitable for use in saltwater. They are also available in different lengths and thicknesses, allowing anglers to choose the right float for their specific needs.

Overall, a luminous fishing float lightstick is a simple but effective tool for any angler who wants to fish in low light conditions or at night. With their bright and long-lasting light, they help ensure that the fishing line is visible at all times, making it easier to detect when a fish bites and increasing the chances of a successful catch.


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