Spring Lock Pin

100pcs Spring Lock Pin Crank Hook Fishing Connector Stainless Steel Spring Crank Lock for Soft Lure Fishing Tackle




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Product Description

100pcs Spring Lock Pin Crank Hook Fishing Connector Stainless Steel Spring Crank Lock for Soft Lure Fishing Tackle

The fishing Spring Lock Pin is a practical and efficient accessory used to secure soft plastic baits or fishing lures in place on a hook or jighead. It is a small, spring-loaded device made from durable materials like stainless steel or nickel-plated brass, designed to withstand the rigors of fishing.

The Spring Lock Pin features a simple yet effective design. It consists of a straight wire with a small loop or eyelet at one end and a coiled spring at the other end. The straight wire is inserted through the head of the soft plastic bait, while the coiled spring provides tension to hold the bait securely in place on the hook.

Using the Spring Lock Pin is straightforward. Anglers can insert the straight wire through the head of the soft plastic bait, ensuring it is centered and aligned with the hook or jighead. As the wire is pushed through the bait, the coiled spring compresses, allowing for easy insertion. Once the straight wire is fully inserted, the coiled spring expands, creating tension and securely locking the bait onto the hook.

One of the primary benefits of using a Spring Lock Pin is its ability to prevent soft plastic baits from sliding down the hook shank during casting or when retrieving through vegetation or cover. The tension created by the coiled spring keeps the bait firmly in place, maintaining its position and presentation, even in demanding fishing conditions.

The Spring Lock Pin is compatible with various soft plastic baits, such as swimbaits, creature baits, worms, and grubs. It offers versatility and customization options, allowing anglers to experiment with different bait styles and sizes, tailoring their setups to target specific fish species or fishing techniques.

Furthermore, the Spring Lock Pin is reusable, allowing anglers to easily remove and replace soft plastic baits as needed without damaging or compromising the bait’s effectiveness. This feature adds convenience and cost-effectiveness to the angler’s tackle box.

In summary, the fishing Spring Lock Pin is a practical and reliable accessory that provides a secure and customizable attachment for soft plastic baits. Its simple yet effective design, ease of use, and compatibility with various bait styles make it a valuable tool for anglers looking to enhance their bait presentation and increase their chances of enticing bites.


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